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Join a peer group for a safe space to get support.

Peer Support Groups


Confidential peer groups for those with lived experience in various areas of mental health, addiction, and identity exploration. Our groups provide folks with a safe space to share and listen to others in similar situations. 

Peer groups offer participants the opportunity to share their stories and support each other. Groups are led by facilitators with counselling and social work backgrounds and allow group members to guide the conversation based on topics and themes they raise.


We know that each person is the expert of their experience, so groups are mostly unstructured to allow for organic flow of conversation. Facilitators help guide the discussion but will not provide specific advice to any individual or to the group and rather will pose thoughtful questions to encourage dialogue.

Our goal is to make support accessible for all who need it. Peer Groups are offered direct to the community at no cost to participants.

Peer Group Options

  • Adult - age 25+

  • Youth - age 17-25

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