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Volunteer with us and help us achieve our vision.

Are you passionate for impacting change in your community and the world?

Do you have lived experience that contributes to your passion for promoting Authenticity, Inclusivity, and Compassion?

Do you feel connected to our cause and mission?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, we invite you to join our team!

Current Volunteer Positions Available:

If you want an engaging, meaningful volunteer experience and feel connected to our mission, please complete the application form and we'll be in touch!

We're committed to providing our volunteers with broad and thoughtful responsibilities that leverage skills and stretches learning. We believe in creating an environment where our volunteers are encouraged to think outside the box, try new roles, and are held accountable. There is also room for growth into Board positions.

Thanks for your interest in volunteering with AndThenIWasFree! We'll be in touch.

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