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Our student workshops provide real stories from facilitators with lived experiences. They will share candidly about various aspects of their identity that impacted them as youth.


In telling their stories, students will hear that they are not alone. 

For students

Students will have the opportunity to participate anonymously in these interactive workshops, with the goal of promoting authenticity, inclusivity, and compassion for themselves and for each other.

Grounded in the best practices of youth social workers, our workshops provide students with the education and support they might need as they move through their own identity journey.

Workshops include:

  • Free to Live Authentically

  • Trans 101

  • Gender Journey

For more information or to book a workshop click here

For organizations

Our organization workshops provide employees with the education, training, and tools to create inclusive work environments while allowing the organization to achieve Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion objectives. Workshops are run by professional facilitators with backgrounds in social work and DEI, all of whom have lived experience from which they will share their personal stories.

Workshops are interactive, inviting all participants to have an open dialogue about increasing inclusivity in the workplace and improving company culture. Employees will leave the workshop feeling empowered with tools and resources, and the confidence to help create a better workplace.

Workshop topics include:

  • Corporate Inclusivity and Compassion

  • Fighting Gender Bias at Work

  • Intro to Two-Spirit Identity

  • Custom workshops available

For more information or to book a workshop click here.

Org workshops
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