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Student & Volunteer Portal

Students and Volunteers may have access to confidential or proprietary information during the course of placement or volunteer activities with AndThenIWasFree. During and after the engagement with AndThenIWasFree, Students and Volunteers will hold all confidential information in trust and confidence, and will not use, disclose, communicate, or convey any such information, except as required in the performance of placement or volunteer roles.


Students and Volunteers will not allow any unauthorized person or persons to inspect or have access to any document that is of a confidential nature, regardless of media format, and will report any unauthorized access to the Executive Director of AndThenIWasFree ("ED") as soon as such an incident has occurred. Students and Volunteers will not remove any records containing confidential information unless authorized to do so by the ED and will return such records upon termination of placement or volunteer assignment or as requested by the ED.

Any disclosure, misuse, copying, or transmitting of any material, data, or information, whether intentional or unintentional, will subject Students and Volunteers to dismissal by the ED in their sole discretion and any remedy available to AndThenIWasFree in accordance with all applicable laws.

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